INFORMSY Project Services


Informsy Project Services help you to develop your academic projects by providing you the required expertise for Developing your academic projects based on ARM Cortex – M and A series, we provide you the platform development knowledge and peripheral driver and interfacing knowledge as part of this academic project development.

We conduct you a preparatory course which is aligned with your project development before starting the actual project development, setup the development environment, provide you the required tools and software such as development boards like TI Panda ES, Beagle bone black, ARM Cortex – M series Microcontrollers, required peripherals, IDE’s, debuggers etc...

We have already developed the required underlying platform software such as porting of Real Time Operating system, integrating peripherals like i2c, uart, adc, SPI, ethernet controller, SD card driver etc… using the vendor provided HAL and drivers for MCU based development boards on which you can directly start your development which minimizes the time required to submit the project at your college/university etc…

Our lab is equipped with all kinds of development boards and host machines with all required software tools,


List of Projects

Web based oscilloscope using 32-bit MCU based board

Implementing Ethernet controller on 32-bit MCU based board

Porting Real Time operating System onto MCU based board

Developing bootloader for 32-bit MCU based board

Integrating SD card driver and porting FatFs in both SPI mode and SDIO mode.

Temperature Measuring Application using Internal Sensor and display the value on LCD and also Monitor through Web based client.