Why Train With Us

Training courses from the INFORMSY span the entire range of Embedded Systems, ARM, Linux Internals, ranging from embedded devices to mobile platforms. We offer Embedded Systems Developer, ARM, RTOS, Android Internals, Python.

Our   courses include hands-on lab exercises covering Data Structures and Algorithms, Linux Application Development, Device Drivers, Operating System Development & Linux kernel Internals, ARM, RTOS etc… and demonstrations to provide students with the real-world experience needed to work in their projects.

Reasons to choose INFORMSY

INFORMSY Training is unique. you will learn Embedded C, ARM Cortex - M3/M4 Software Design, Embedded C++, Real time Operating System concepts, Introduction to Linux and GIT, Linux Internals, Programming with POSIX Threads, Linux Device Drivers Development. 

Our instructors are well experienced in providing training, having 15+ years of development and training experience, worked in major technology organizations such as Qualcomm, Broadcom, Wipro Technologies, Renesas Mobile, Tieto Telecom, Motorola, Navionics Engineering.

All our course modules include extensive set of hands-on training exercises and demonstrations.

For corporates, we help you in building your teams to work in Embedded Software, ARM, Linux, RTOS. We will work with you to create customized onsite training programs in the areas of Mobile Platform Software Development, Connectivity, Multimedia etc.,

Our Lab is equipped with latest ARM Microprocessors/Controllers, JTAG probes, Host Machines with High Configuration such as Core-I5, Core-I7, IDE's, Cross Compilers etc...

Up to date projects on Embedded Systems and IoT. Please see our website "Academic Projects" section for detailed information on projects.

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in the strength of our highly experienced industry experts turned trainers, imparting real-time knowledge along with fundamental theories. Informsy is currently training in niche and futuristic domains including Embedded Software Systems, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, producing professionals equipped with tomorrow’s technology needs. 

All our training courses are designed to work with all ARM processors/controllers. Help you in learning deep programming skills in Embedded C, Embedded C++, ARM Cortex M3/M4 Software Design, FreeRTOS, Linux Kernel Internals, Device Drivers, you will practice extensive set of practicals in each module, also learn  configuration management GIT.

We will use latest ARM Cortex - M series based boards(such as FRDM-KL46Z NXP Freedom Development Board from NXP) for modules in part1 and use ARM Cortex - A series based development boards for Linux Development of part2.

We will provide you class notes and workbook full of practical examples and solutions to apply your knowledge gained during class room sessions.