Or, request a call-back:

We request you to join our partner companies group ranging from startups to Multi National Companies to recruit our Embedded Software Engineers. we post-graduate around 50 embedded engineers for every quarter. we teach them the latest technologies in embedded systems, groom them to fit into projects, make them aware of the use of latest tools. we provide you entry level engineers as well as experienced developers.

If you are interested in hiring a good embedded software developers, please let us know. We will facilitate the interviews.

Project interns:

As part of this internship program we recruit extremely bright students from reputed engineering/technology colleges as non-paid interns and give them full fee waiver, train them in latest technologies ranging from programming micro-controllers, device drivers, board support packages, connectivity, Linux internals etc., and put them on in-house projects under the guidance of senior embedded engineers. We will help them to gain knowledge equivalent to a 3 to 4 years experienced engineer.

If you want our interns to help you solve your project problems, please contact us.

Our Partners

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