Corporate Training

Corporate Training & On-Site Classes

With INFORMSY corporate training you can build your team’s expertise which will increase the overall development of your organization. We will build your team’s expertise in the areas of Embedded Systems, ARM, Linux, Python Essentials. our customized corporate training will provide the ability of debugging and problem solving skills of less experienced engineers of your organizations.

Our Offerings:

  • Embedded C and C++, , Linux Kernel Programming, POSIX Threads, Embedded Linux.
  • Customized Linux training in the areas of Linux Device Drivers, WiFi Technology(802.11, Wi-Fi Physical Layer, MAC Layer, QoS and Security) ,Bluetooth, host interface drivers, Wi-Fi host controllers drivers, protocol stack development etc..
  • Customized ARM training (ARM Cortex M3/M4, ARM Cortex-A9 both SoC and Software Design).
  • Python Essentials
  • Connectivity

On-Site Classes:

We will also provide you the training in your premises if you have many employees who require training, our instructors work hands-on with your teams and solve problems practically by demonstrating on latest ARM based development boards. it is a cost effective training choice by eliminating travel expenses. it provides great value by bringing all technical leads into one class room.

Customized Training:

Our regular Embedded Systems courses may not match exactly to your team needs, we can form customized course which suits to your needs by combining our existing courses and your requirements so your budget is spent on exactly what your teams need.  specialized course material may be needed based on the complexity of your requirements.